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We have been married for 30 years (25 of them happily) with two married children and two grandchildren. The first few years of our marriage, however, were brutal.


We were married in our late 20's so we had been accustomed to conducting our own lives independently.  Adjusting to sharing a pay cheque, living space, and being married to someone from another culture proved to be extremely challenging! At times we wondered if we had made the right decision!


Because we had very poor conflict resolution skills, we struggled and often felt disillusioned and discouraged and angry.  So… having spent many years of our own marriage fighting, we certainly understand the impact, implications and personal pain of having poor conflict management skills.

Through the school of hard knocks and formal training, we have learned how to fight right, fight fair and work through the normal conflict every couple experiences. 

We have many personal examples to share at our YOU DESERVE FOREVER seminar that our audiences can relate to. 

Our less than perfect relationship is a great example of how things CAN change when you have the right tools and proven strategies to resolve conflict appropriately.


We are both professional counsellors and have been conducting marriage enrichment seminars for many years in Canada and internationally. 


Our passion is to prepare engaged couples for their upcoming marriage and assist already married couples in improving and enhancing their relationship. We would love to help you create a loving, peaceful relationship THAT LASTS!


Save yourself the mental, emotional, and physical stress and get support NOW! (This seminar is a fraction of the cost of divorce proceedings!) So, what are you waiting for? 



Seminar content

At this seminar you will learn how to:

  • Manage explosive anger for increased harmony and calmness.

  • Begin difficult conversations in a productive, civil manner with desired results.

  • Cool down to ensure effective communication and deeper understanding.

  • Tame the tension in your relationship and learn healthy patterns of relating.

  • Apologize appropriately and bring closure to your arguments.

  • Learn how your family of origin affects your present conflict resolution skills.

  • Avoid mimicking your parent's dysfunctional conflict resolution skills - learn new patterns and strategies.

  • Take a time out and regroup after a heated discussion.

  • Get unstuck from having the same annoying arguments over and over again.

  • Choose the right words, time and place to have a difficult conversation for maximum productive results.

  • Forgive and move on.

  • The 10 top secrets of a long-term, peaceful relationship

  • You will receive extensive take-home notes for future referral and a proven roadmap with tried and tested skills, so your marriage can survive and thrive!

  • Guaranteed results!

  • It will be well worth your time and money!

  • Invest in your relationship.

  • Set yourself up for success! 

  • Launch and maintain your marriage with every possible advantage!